Lounging About

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What you doing this weekend guys? Oh really? Staying in you say…?

Yep, I thought I’d do the same.

If you’re anything like me; your pre-lockdown winter wardrobe was not designed for slobbing on the sofa. Let’s just say my extensive collection of both skinny and high-waisted jeans were making Netflix less fun than it should’ve been. And takeaways and body-con dresses just aren’t a winning combo are they?

Since I find it highly unlikely that we will be let loose on the razzle any Saturday night pre Christmas; I’ve decided to ‘lean in’ to the situation and embrace a bit of new loungewear. Because as tempting as it is to throw on some super comfy threadbare leggings (complete with hole in the crotch obvs) and the gap jumper I’ve been lolling about in since Uni; I know I need to make some modicum of effort with my clothing just to make me feel cheerful. So I’ve decided to invest in some luscious loungewear that will make me feel spiffing while I’m slobbing…

Here are some of my favourites; coming soon to a sofa near you.

ASOS Maxi Cable Knit Cardigan £45.00

Boden Rainbow Leggings £28.00
and Sweatshirt £60.00

Hoody Knitted Lounge Set £22.50

Hunkemoller velour lounge hoody and matching turn up joggers in grey
£27.00 each.

Boden Scatter Leopard Tee £38.00

Irevial Loungewear Set £26.99

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