How to make your home snug for Christmas

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What does the song say again? “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

True… but it’s also the most freezing time of the year! When we get back through the door after a hard day at work in December, we want it to feel warm, welcoming and cosy don’t we?

Let’s look at five easy ways we can make your home snug for Christmas.

  • Get the smell right

I’ve always been a huge fan of a Christmas scented candle. My favourite scents that evoke the festive feeling are cinnamon and fir tree. The only issue with a candle is that we probably don’t want to leave one burning all day while we’re out at work do we? Enter my new favourite product; the Neom Wellbeing Pod. I was gifted one of these for my 40th and it has really made me realise how much coming home to a lovely scent can lift your mood. You pop a couple of drops of scented oil into the pod and within seconds the smell is filling your room and calming your mind. I can highly recommend the Christmas Wish oil… it’ll make you feel like you’re in Santa’s living room.

  • Layer up the soft furnishings

Repeat after me: There’s no such thing as too many cushions! To make your home snug for Christmas, think jewel tones and plush, velvety textures. The aptly named Snug Company specialise in feel-good fabrics, cosy cushions, curtains and beautiful bedspreads. It’s a one-stop shop for making your home that bit more inviting to bunker down in during the cold weather.

  • Supersize your rugs

If you’ve got lots of hard floors in your home, chances are it’s a bit chilly underfoot when you first get home. Even with the luxury of underfloor heating it can still feel a bit chilly on tired toes. The answer is to up your rug game! There are literally thousands of options when it comes to shapes and sizes of rugs, and since you can pick them up fairly inexpensively at high-street favourites like Next and Dunelm, they’re a great quick fix for making your home feel more snug. Think texture, Christmas calls for something plush!

  • Let the kids do some decorating

Ok don’t panic… hear me out on this one! I am an absolute control freak when it comes to the aesthetic of my home. My husband isn’t allowed to choose anything decorative, nevermind the kids! But Christmas is somehow a bit different. to make your home snug for Christmas, let the kids have some input. Let them hang their wonky homemade decorations on the tree (maybe have a spare kids-only tree!), let them stick their Christmas artwork on the fridge and display their Christmas cards from friends in their bedroom windows. Somehow allowing a bit more Christmas chaos in, makes things a bit more festive and fun.

  • Layer up your decorations

The days of decorations being purely on the tree are long gone! And after last year’s low-key Christmas, lots of us are supersizing our decs this festive season. Thing snowflake stickers on windows, huge hanging paper lanterns and rich green stair garlands interspersed with fairy lights. It’s a good idea to pick a main colour and then a couple of accent colours so that things don’t get too busy looking. We’re thinking calming not crazy remember!

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