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My name is Sarah and I’m a podcast addict. There, I’ve said it. My addiction is so bad that I cannot drift off to sleep without one wittering quietly into my ears. I love nothing more than slamming the front door behind me, leaving the kid-related carnage at home and heading down to the beach with a new podcast-find to dive into.

Oh and I’m a right floozy as well. I’ve never been able to be faithful to just one podcast… I usually have three on the go at once. I know; scandalous.

Pre-lockdown I was a big fan of the true crime genre. Can’t watch someone being punched on the TV, but seem to be able to stomach all manner of gory dismembering/decapitation details through my earphones just before bed. I have also been prone to binge on political and statistical podcasts, getting myself incensed and outraged at anything and everything.

However post Corona times; I have found myself more and more to be gravitating towards podcasts which make me smile. Productions which bring me peace, calm my anxious mind and importantly; remind me that good things are still going on in the world today… we just might have to work harder to seek them out!

Here are my top 5 recommendations for podcasts to get you feeling more positive, hopeful and relaxed.

  • Heavyweight was one of the first podcasts I got hooked on and I still love it today. Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining what could’ve been with your first love, how things might’ve turned out if you hadn’t fallen out with an old friend? In this podcast the hilarious host Jonathan Goldstein gives people the chance to revisit their pasts, put things right, find out long-hidden truths and achieve that all american term; ‘closure’. Get ready to laugh, cry and fall head over heels in love with his eccentric subjects. A great episode to get started with is ‘Buzz’ from series 1.
  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, is as intriguing as it’s title suggests. If like me; you’re often a little too hard on yourself; this podcast is a great way to re-frame things that you think have been failures. Life is one big learning curve and Day’s famous guests share with us what their ‘failures’ have taught them. And how ultimately those experiences helped them succeed in the longer term.
  • Train Happy is a great resource for learning about the link between a healthy body and a happy mind. Each week, the host Tally Rye (who is a personal trainer but not at all scary!) interviews guests who are expert in their field, be it body image, nutrition or exercise.
  • Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People is full of amazing inspiring stories about people (some normal ones and some famous ones!) who have overcome huge obstacles and turned adversity into positivity. If you’re starting at series 1, I recommend you check out the incredible episode with Brooke Kinsella.
  • This Is Love is about as close to a bear hug as you’re going to get these days. Across three seasons, this podcast explores life’s most persistent mystery. Each episode centres on a different love story and features normal people who sometimes have to go to extraordinary lengths to be together. If you’re looking for something hopeful and uplifting then this one is for you.

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