How to Raise a Resilient Child

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Resilience in children is a valuable part of their overall development and understanding how they can handle tough scenarios. We all face situations we can feel uncomfortable in, and it can be something that we as human beings all train ourselves to be better in. Planting the seed early, however, can be greatly beneficial to a child’s support system and their pattern of battling adversity. 

Here are some top tips from this boarding school in London to train your child on being resilient throughout their lives.

Give your child the freedom to make mistakes

Part of learning naturally is by making small, controlled mistakes and seeing how your child responds. It’s a good way of observing how your child can cope in scenarios that they may well face in the near future. For example, tricky questions in school where they’re stuck on a certain assignment means that you can train your child to handle tough situations and keep their cool.

Ask them what to do when a problem arises

It’s a part of role play in action where you see your child handling a new problem. Ask them calmly what you think they could do next. They might not know what to do at all, but you can try to push them in the right direction. If they’re keen to provide a number of suggestions, brainstorm each of them and decide which is the best solution.

Praise your child often

Part of building a child’s resilience is through their ability to feel confident and focused in their own world. Parents that encourage children to go outside of their comfort zone and explore different areas of the world they live in are more likely to pick up new activities and handle a range of problems. It’s all down to how your child’s supported and how they feel when they come to their parents for advice.

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