The best restaurants in Tynemouth

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After months of having to cook all my own meals during the pandemic; I was over the moon when the best restaurants in Tynemouth opened their doors again.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually live in Tynemouth. I’m not quite posh enough. But since it’s ten minutes in a taxi from our front door, it’s my favourite place to head for a wander. Whether it’s for a G&T in the sunshine, a hot chocolate while I mooch around the shops or a slap up meal in one of the many fabulous restaurants and cafes; Tynemouth has so much to offer. You don’t have to trust me; just ask The Guardian. The paper recently listed the town as one of the top 5 places to head to for a ‘foodie’ weekend break. Combine this with the fact that the area is a stunning area of natural beauty with a coastline stretching for miles, and it’s no suprise visitors are flocking to the area.

The problem with the area’s renewed popularity for locals like us, is that it’s increasingly difficult to get booked into a restaurant. That’s why I love using Square Meal UK. You can just search for the area you want to visit, then use the filters to pick your preferred cuisine and price range. It really takes all the leg work out of researching restaurants. My favourite feature is that you can choose to only view restaurants which are bookable online, which means no more sitting on hold while the waitress who answers the phone ‘sees what she can do…’. Now that Square Meal are selling gift vouchers, I know what I’ll be asking for at Christmas! The fact that you can use the vouchers in literally thousands of restaurants means the world is your oyster. I’ve even thought about giving these as teachers gifts; as a thank you for putting up with my kids for more hours a day than I have to. Receiving a voucher from Square Meal UK means the recipient is probably much more likely to try somewhere new.

But anyway… back to the food. I could write a book, never mind a post, on the best restaurants in Tynemouth. The mouthwatering tapas at Ora, the fresh fish served on the sand at the now famous Riley’s Fish Shack, the Pan Asian classics served up in Buddha Lounge… and don’t even get me started on The Land of Green Ginger. The old tired shopping arcade in the church on Front Street has been transformed into a chic hidden gem, filled with boutiques, bars and eateries, including Crust Social, home of the best pizza you’ll taste outside of Italy. 

I’ll never again take for granted the sheer joy of being able to meet a friend, and go to eat something I haven’t cooked, looking at something other than my own four walls. And it’s that appreciation for having our freedom back which means I’m justifying yet another trip to Tynemouth for a meal this weekend. Just you try and stop me…


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