Review: ‘A Knock Knock Joke A Day’ by Daddilife

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Want to be a legend in the eyes of your hard-to-impress kids? Then you need to up your joke game!

Daddilife books have played an absolute blinder here! Not only does this little book contain over 365 of the best knock knock jokes to share with your kids on every day, of the year… there’s also a whole section on how to deliver your jokes to the best comedic effect.

Daddilife is an online community of over 150,000 dads from around the world sharing stories, advice, guides and interviews that shine a light on what it means to be a modern day dad. With contributions from over 50 writers, these are tried and tested and guaranteed to have the kids thinking you’re funny… at long last!

To buy a copy for someones stocking this Christmas, head on over to Amazon.

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