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Like all parents in the school holidays, I’m always on the look-out for ways to keep the kids entertained and delay the inevitable moans of “I’m bored!”.


We’re lucky enough to live a stones throw from one of the UK’s most beautiful beaches and more often than not when we’re at a loose end we’ll pack a bag and wander down to the sand.

Today, along with the requisite bucket and spade, suncream, book (which I will never get to read) and a lifetime supply of snacks; I packed a new addition… one which I hoped would prove a hit with the kids and fill at least an hour before lunch!

Aura Print kindly sent me a pack of custom playing cards, which fortuitously are seaside-themed matching pairs, perfect for a day on Whitley Bay beach. Around about 11am, prompted by the first “I’ve got nothing to do” of the day (courtesy of the five year old), I got the cards out and hoped for the best.

They were an absolute hit! It definitely helped that we were in the right location for the theme of the game. We snapped a matching pair of seagull cards, then watched a real life seagull swoop down trying to pinch someone’s chips. We snapped a pair of lighthouse cards and then discussed how ‘our’ lighthouse, St Mary’s, was the prettiest we’d ever seen.

Aura Print can design and produce custom playing cards in a huge variety of different themes and personalisations. I only wish I’d come across them in time for the hen party I was on recently… I think matching groom-themed pairs would’ve been hilarious!

They’d be perfect as wedding favours and really unique birthday or Christmas gifts. You can order the cards in a variety of different styles; laminated, double or single sided, square or rounded edges, black and white or colour. So you really can design a product which is perfect for your occasion and your budget. Aura Print will email you the finished artwork for you to proof, and then mail the finished product out to you in super quick time. I’ve ordered from Aura Print previously and found them to be super reliable and punctual.

You can use their expert team of in-house designers, or if you’re confident using Adobe illustrator through their website, you can design your own pack from scratch.There’s even the option for you to create your own original card game and they’ll produce that for you… now that sounds like an activity which could keep kids busy for a couple of hours doesn’t it!?

My boys have requested a favourite footballers pack so I’d better get on the case… before the dreaded summer holiday boredom kicks in again! The seaside pack bought me an hour of peace and quiet in the restaurant today… who knows; maybe a famous footballer pack could distract them long enough for me to head off for a spa day..?

Ok, ok that really is wishful thinking at it’s finest isn’t it!?


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