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You know how it is with teenagers and pre-teens don’t you? They really don’t want to be calling home to their parents all the time. They’re craving independence.

That’s the situation I found myself in with my eldest son who is 11 years old. He’s recently actually lost his phone… but even when he had it I found it was always switched off or left at home when he was out with his friends.

Sometimes after school he’ll head to a friends’ house or to the park to play football and more often than not, he forgets to tell me. Cue absolute panic from me, driving round the neighnourhood trying to track him down.

I was therefore over the moon when I was gifted a GPS tracker for personal use for personal use. This tiny, palm-sized device has given me peace of mind knowing that I have help in finding my son when he goes wandering! The great thing is, he’s always got his backpack with him, whether he’s going to school, to a sports club or to a friends house. So placing the tracker in the inside pocket has been fantastic!

Personal GPS Tracker

It was super easy to set up… and as regular readers will know, I’m not very technical! It links to my phone and lets me know exactly where he, or in fact the tracker, is. The products are waterproof and have a minimum of 14 days battery life. There are lots of additional functions like alerts and alarms, my favourite one being the ‘Invisible Fence’. I can basically set up an area I’m happy for my son to be in, but if he strays further than that I’ll receive an alert.

I anticipated that he’d feel a bit like I was stalking him and that there’d be a few complaints… but actually it’s been the opposite! My son feels calmer knowing that I know where he is and won’t be worried and cross at him when I can’t find him. And plus it means even if he gets a new phone… he still doesn’t have to remember to take it with him!

Paj have a range of GPS trackers for a variety of different requirements. If you’re looking to protect a loved one, or improve security in terms of your vehicles or property, I’d recommend checking them out.

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