Self-Care for New Mums: The Importance of Outdoor Time

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New mums spend a lot of time with their babies. According to Pew Research Center’s study on childcare, mothers with a child age four or younger spend an average of seven hours per day caring for their children while accomplishing other tasks and activities.

Having a baby means changes to your routines, which can be difficult if you’re usually used to getting out of the house frequently. Rather than always limiting yourself to an unchanging environment, it’s crucial that you still take the time for self-care and enjoy the fresh air outside of your home.

Benefits of outdoor time

Being a new mother may be exciting, but the adjustment period can be tiring, especially when you’re not yet familiar with your baby’s needs. Furthermore, some mothers also have to deal with other household and work responsibilities or even handle other severe conditions such as Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Anxiety. Without proper self-care, you can quickly burn out and potentially worsen your physical and mental health.

To ease any tension or stress it’s essential to make positive choices. Some activities include regular exercise, eating nutritious meals, and staying connected with families and friends. Going outdoors is a particularly beneficial activity. As noted by the American Psychological Association on spending time in nature, exposure to wildlife and greenery is linked to lower stress, better mood, improved attention, and even upticks in empathy and cooperation. For busy mothers, going for a simple walk can provide well-deserved relief from demanding parenting duties and help them feel refreshed with childcare.

Tips on traveling with your baby

Although solo walks are good for you, there may be trips where you’d want your child to enjoy the outdoors too. Bringing your baby along can be an excellent way for them to sense the world and for you to bond with them. If you’re planning to go out together, below are some tips for travelling with your newborn:

Use pushchairs and baby carriers

When travelling to far-off places, carrying your baby around the whole time is unsustainable. iCandy’s pushchairs and prams can support you and your child as you go on these excursions. These multi-mode pushchairs are perfect for babies as they can easily convert to a full travel system with included car seat adaptors. Moreover, the carrycot is comfortable and sufficiently ventilated to let your child take naps throughout the day for longer trips.

If you’d want to keep your little one closer to you while keeping your hands free, Beco’s baby carrier is suitable for both newborns and toddlers. With its mesh front, the carrier can keep both baby and caregiver cooler, whether in forward-facing or back-carry mode. The carrier is also ergonomically constructed and back-friendly, making it an excellent option for parents with already-aching backs.

Dress your baby for the weather

Before you leave the house, it’s best to dress your baby appropriately to keep them at the right temperature. You can put on layers of clothes on your child, so you can take clothing off and put them back on depending on what’s necessary. On colder days, you can also use a blanket in their carrycot to keep them warm. Just be extra careful on hotter days, as babies cannot cool down by themselves. It’s likewise important to be mindful of potential sunburn, so ensure their arms and legs are covered and their head protected with a hat.

With the arrival of a new baby, it can be easy to neglect your health. However, it’s critical that you also take the time to care for yourself, lest you worsen your mental and physical health. Eventually, you’ll be able to secure more peacetime, as noted in our post “Why You Should Stop Stressing About Your Kids’ Screen Time”. Older children can be introduced to screen time — making for a far calmer, quieter living environment. But until then, self-care should also be at the top of your priorities, alongside your baby.

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