How to make a September fresh start work for you.

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Autumn has always been my favourite season and I love nothing more than a September fresh start.

September always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. It’s that whole ‘back to school’ feeling that transports me back to being about eleven years old. New pencils in a Take That pencil case, shiny shoes and crisp white shirts not yet ruined by felt tip marks. There was a whole exciting school year ahead, and with that a chance to reinvent yourself. New teachers, new classmates and a whole host of possibilities.

Believe me it’s excatly the same level of excitement now I’m a parent. September still represents a fresh start; and with the kids back at school the prospect of some sweet freedom for me is heavenly. After a hectic summer which has all centred around the needs of three relentlessly energetic boys, September screams ‘ME TIME!’

Then there’s the fact that September is the best time for new season fashion. Ahhhh… the jewel-coloured jumpers, the leather boots, the array of coats in styles to suit everyone… it’s almost worth taking that ten degree drop in temperature just to be able to indulge in all this new season loveliness. I’ve always been very smug that my birthday month is September so I can get gifted some of those autumn staples… Thanks Mam!

So how can we ensure we make the most of the September fresh start and reap all the benefits of the new season? Here are 5 fool-proof tips for you!

  • Don’t feel like just because it’s a fresh start that you have to go full speed. September also gives the chance for a bit of gentle hibernation if you’re burned out from all the summer socialising. Use it as a chance to regroup and think about what you want to focus on in the next few months.
  • Get yourself outside. September often feels like more of a new year than the actual new year doesn’t it? January is grey and dreary and often leaves us feeling a bit depressed rather than energised. September hangs onto a bit of sunshine and warmth, so make the most of it by taking a bit of time outdoors, in the garden, at the beach or having a stroll with a friend in the park. Grab the last of the Vit D!
  • If you fancy setting yourself a fitness target, now is a great time to start. You could take up a charity challenge or just get back on track with some healthy habits which might’ve fallen by the wayside over summer.
  • Commit to making time for some self-care. I have to admit I’m rubbish at this one! It’s so easy to get back on the hamster wheel of work and kids and before long you’re putting yourself last again. Whether it’s ten minutes a day snuggled up with a book, a weekly face and hair mask or a Saturday morning swim; decide on your treat, and stick to it.
  • Declutter the shizzle out of your home. It’s going to be impossible to ride the high of that September fresh start feeling if you’re surrounded by the detritus and rubbish of family life. I promise you as soon as I post this article, I’m off to clean out my ‘admin cupboard’ which is hilariously titled since as well as a few letters from the bank, it contains tinned peaches, olive oil, yoyo’s, fidget spinners and trainer socks… to name but a few. Get your Marie Kondo on and you’ll feel calmer by bedtime!

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