Setting up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

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Having the right studying space will make heaps of difference to your child’s progression in their overall studies and revision schedule. It also motivates them to work in silence and remain focused on what they need to do. Setting this up beforehand gives children a lot of options; here are some ways you can make the perfect studying space for your child courtesy of this independent school in the West Midlands.

Remove distractions 

Distractions are going to be the biggest roadblock for children. Dedicate specific times each day for your child and remove those little bits of temptation, like their mobile phone, TVs and other ways they can procrastinate. Music may help channel their thoughts, but they may also work better in complete silence. It’s important to gauge what works best for your child and their situation, as well as their unique learning style.

Ensure their study space is quiet and away from main rooms

While it’s not always possible, your child’s study space should be away from the main rooms used in the house, like the living room or kitchen. A bedroom might seem like a good choice, so long as you ensure distractions are removed as soon as they start studying. If these aren’t suitable options, you can use a main room in the home so long as no one else accesses the area while they’re working so that they can remain focused.

Provide them with the right studying tools

Sometimes that little motivation can help a child progress with their revision. Set up their table with the right stationery and tools to get them started straight away. If requested, print out some mock exam papers to help them practice their studies, or look for online resources where they can test their skills. If they need access to a laptop, make sure it’s charged and ready to use when your child approaches the desk.

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