Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

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There’s strong evidence to suggest that music can help children in their studies. Those that learn an instrument tend to perform better across the board as they are able to exercise their thinking skills, creativity and maths ability. It can also help them in many other respects. For example, it offers them an outlet to distress and express themselves. Here are some reasons as to why you should encourage your child to learn an instrument from a boarding school in the South East.


As musical instruments are open ended, your child has the freedom to experiment with different sounds and create their own music. This can help them to think innovatively by using their imagination.

Fine Motor Skills

Children can also strengthen their fine motor skills by playing a musical instrument as many of them involve finger work. 

A Hobby

Music can be fun to experiment with. Children have the opportunity to express themselves musically and potentially make new friends as classes bring a range of different children together.

Time Management

Children must also take time out of their day to participate in their lessons, practice at home if necessary and keep to any other commitments involved. It reduces the time that they have available, encouraging them to find smarter and more efficient ways of getting things done.

Points to Add to Their CV 

What helps a CV to really stand out are differentiating factors and achievements. Learning to play an instrument is definitely up there as an achievement as they take time to master.

A Way into a Lucrative Industry

The music industry is worth £5.2 billion in the UK. Those that do well are very highly regarded and bring in some of the largest salaries.

An Outlet

When things become difficult, music can give children an outlet to deal with their emotions. They can channel them into their work and express themselves which can help them to feel much lighter.

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