Simple Ideas To Spread Christmas Cheer This Year

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It is yet another holiday season and some households have already put up their Christmas trees and lightened up their space with festive decor.

However, beyond the glittering ornaments and flowery wreaths hanging on your front door, what else can you do to spread the cheer this year? In a world where busy and sometimes chaotic schedules take dominance, it is good to know that 88% of adults plan to celebrate Christmas. Here are three simple ideas to infuse the Christmas spirit beyond your household and spread the cheer all around.

  • Random acts of kindness

The true essence of the festive season is to spread love, and a great way to do that is through random acts of kindness. Fortunately, there are several ways to spread the cheer, only if you put a little thought into it. For example, consider paying for the person behind you in a queue at the coffee shop. That will be such a pleasant surprise for that random person who is looking to pay for a hot cup of coffee or chocolate on a cold morning. Another thing you can do is to write a thoughtful note to a neighbour and let your kind words make their day. You can also consider your children’s nanny, who comes over to babysit for a few hours when you’re busy. It’s easy to overlook them in your random acts of kindness, especially when they’ve been invited over for Christmas dinner. However, you can go a step further by taking your time to scout gift shops for something that evokes sentimental value. Check here for ideas on what to pick for that special person.

  • Get creative with neighbours

The season provides the perfect opportunity to extend the Christmas joy beyond your household and do something that makes everything extra special. For starters, explore the idea of transforming your community with Christmas decor together with your next-door residents. You can encourage them to join in the holiday spirit by getting involved in an area decorating test. Make it easier by setting themes like Christmas Candy Lane, or Winter Wonderland and work towards it as a community. Festive activities like these create avenues for creativity to blossom and foster camaraderie. You can even go the extra mile by arranging a community gathering with lots of festive treats to commemorate the occasion. Christmas is a season of joy and love and what better way to make these two elements come to life than through communal effort?

  • Plan a virtual carols night with loved ones who live far away

Distance can keep you apart from the people you would have loved to spend time with in person. Thanks to technology, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Instead of connecting with them online and having quality Facetime, you can take things a little further. For example, plan a virtual carols night where everyone gathers on video conferencing platforms for an evening of singing. Create a virtual playlist and share lyrics in advance to get everyone involved in the singing. Believe it or not, the joyous sounds of singing from loved ones in different geographical locations can evoke warmth, togetherness, and the spirit of Christmas. The point is to do something pleasantly different and unforgettable this festive season and spread the cheer.

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