Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere at Home

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Whether you’re staying at home to raise your children or began remote working during the pandemic, it’s easy to get a little fed up of seeing the same four walls day in, day out. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to reach for the paintbrush and the brightest tub of paint you can find every time boredom settles in.

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Not only would you quickly regret a rash decorating decision, but there are plenty of more straightforward (and less messy) ways to solve this issue. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to create the perfect atmosphere within your home! 

Ditch the clutter. Clutter is easy to accumulate, especially when children refuse to throw away anything they have ever owned. However, it could actually be negatively impacting the way the entire family feels in your home due to the fact that high levels of clutter are often associated with stress, anxiety and even brain fog. As a result, the first step towards creating the perfect atmosphere within your home is to ditch the clutter. Go through each room in the house and find the items that you no longer need or use – and find a new home for them. For example, you could donate them to a local charity. If you still need them, find a suitable storage space for them instead of leaving them on the counter. 

Treat yourself to some luxuries. As a parent, you may feel as though your entire life revolves around your children – which also means that most of the home furnishings you buy will be kid-proof. For example, you may have avoided purchasing a fabric sofa to avoid spills and stains. However, it’s crucial that your home feels like your home and not an oversized playhouse. As a result, you should not be afraid of treating yourselves to a few luxury items, such as Ceramic tableware, such as plates, bottles and cups. For some truly stunning examples, check out

Keep it clean. Another way in which you can make your house feel more like home is by keeping it clean. While this doesn’t mean that your house must look like a showhome 24/7 (as this is nothing but unrealistic), having a cleaning schedule or rota is a great place to get started. Be sure to hand out certain chores or tasks to your children, too, so that keeping the home clean and organised becomes a group effort. This is a great way to lighten your own workload while also ensuring that you teach them to be more responsible. 

Become a plant parent. Taking care of houseplants is another great way to freshen up your home. This is because they have a string of well-documented health and well-being benefits, meaning they can drastically shake up the atmosphere within your home. Being around and caring for plants can promote mental clarity and reduce stress and is another excellent way to teach your children to be more responsible. They also look and smell great – meaning they’re a worthy addition to any home. 

Let there be light (and more light). Another simple way in which you can drastically improve the atmosphere within your home is by making the most of natural light. This is due to the fact that poorly lit or dark rooms can lead to you feeling stressed or overwhelmed due to the fact that they are simply not as welcoming. As a result, you should aim to bring as much light into the home as possible. Ditch dusty curtains for lightweight blinds – and ensure that you always open the curtains during the day, especially if you’ll be spending time at home. 

Look for splashes of colour. Many homeowners choose to keep their decor and furnishings relatively simple – using minimal colours as this can make spaces appear more stylish, sophisticated and organised. However, the colours featured within your home can also impact your mood. This is known as colour psychology and refers to the way in which our brain attributes certain hues and shades to feelings and emotions. As a result, using colour theory to your own advantage can help you to significantly improve the atmosphere within your home. For example, yellow and orange shades are known to increase feelings of satisfaction and happiness. On the other hand, featuring colours such as light green and pale blue can create a more serene, calming atmosphere – which is perfect if you’re looking to relax a little more at home or catch up on some sleep. 

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