Six reasons you should try working out online this winter.

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It was all good during lockdown number one wasn’t it? The sun shone relentlessly and barely a drop of rain fell. We had the perfect conditions for pulling on our shorts and heading out for a bike ride with the kids, taking the dog for extra-long walks, or dusting off our running trainers.

However, lockdown number two is going to be a whole different ball game isn’t it? The temperature has dropped and that jog along a sunny beach has now turned into a hard slog with the wind and rain whipping us every step of the way. Unlike the first lockdown, we now have to get the kids to and from school (not complaining about that) and a new study has found we are working longer hours in order to keep our jobs secure. All of this means we can find plenty of excuses not to exercise!

Whether you want to maintain the fitness you built up over summer, or you’re starting from scratch; being active for the sake of our health has never been more important. With gyms closed and outdoor exercise looking less appealing; here are the six reasons you should consider online classes as a way to stay fit this winter.

  • Online fitness is super convenient! Join an early morning zoom session; you can just roll out of bed and straight onto your mat, or stick on a YouTube yoga class while the kids have their bath. The fact that you don’t have to drive to the gym and back could save an hour of your day which could be spent doing something productive!
  • There is so much great free content online. If Covid-19 had happened thirty years ago your options to stay fit would’ve probably started and ended with running up and down your stairs. Now the options are endless. No matter what exercise floats your boat, the chances are you can probably find a free class you’ll enjoy on the internet. I would highly recommend the YouTube channel Pop Sugar for innovative workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels and there are so many different ones, you’ll never get bored.
  • Your regular gym might well be adding zoom classes to their timetable. These are a great way to exercise with an instructor who will be familiar to you.
  • Exercising online is actually very freeing! No need to brush your hair or feel the pressure to wear cool workout gear. Even in a zoom class, you’ve always got the option of turning your camera off so you can see the instructor… but nobody can see your bed head hair…
  • Online fitness is a great way of getting the whole family active. You only have to look at the Joe Wicks P.E lessons on YouTube to see how much fun it can be to get active with your kids. With grassroots sports cancelled for the foreseeable; it’s important to find ways to get our kids moving even if they’re stuck indoors.
  • Joining in with a zoom community is a great way to feel connected to others and give you a little bit of social contact, which is so important for your mental health. You’ll get to know each other and before long you might find you’re hanging around on the call for a natter way after the sweaty stuff has finished.

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