Spotlight Charity

Maggie’s is a charity that provides free cancer support and information in our centres across the UK, over the phone and online. Our Cancer Support Specialists, Psychologists and Benefits Advisors are here for you, if you or someone you care about has cancer.

Each of our 23 centres across the UK is designed with you in mind. You won’t see a reception desk, or signs on the walls, there are no name badges or uniforms. There are no clocks either, as we want you to feel you can stay for as long as you need and come back as often as you like.

The kettle is always on, so make yourself a cup of tea and join others at the kitchen table, you can also find a quiet space to take a private moment or talk to us about anything that may be worrying you. You’re always welcome.

We’re delighted that The Good Thing Is Though has chosen to raise funds to support people with cancer and their families across the UK – because people with cancer need Maggie’s now more than ever.

Latest research from Cancer Research UK shows that millions of people missed screening during lockdown and 24,000 cases have gone undiagnosed. With treatment altered and surgery postponed we know that people with cancer will experience heightened anxiety and anguish as they learn that they face more extensive surgery or their cancer is no longer treatable or survivable.

Every donation will make a real difference to the lives people with cancer and their families, for example just £7 could pay for that all important first chat over the phone with one of our professional Cancer Support Specialists.

If you need cancer support we’re here for you, you can: