Supporting Your Child in Exam Period

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Exams can be gruelling, especially when there’s more than one to revise for. Children must make revision a priority and do as much exam practice as possible to set themselves up with the best chances. While this sounds straightforward in theory, it doesn’t always go as planned.

Children can become overwhelmed by the pressure which can in turn lead to procrastination and avoidance of the very thing that they should be doing. If you’re concerned about your child and would like ideas on how to help, here are some tips that were shared with us by a senior school in Devon.

Pressure and Unattainable Expectations

Of course, as a parent you will want the best for your child and therefore push them to work hard. What you should make sure of though is that you’re not creating too much pressure and setting unattainable expectations as you will inevitably set them up for failure. Exams are stressful as they are which is why it’s important to talk to your child. See how they’re doing and provide emotional support. That might be to provide reassurance, remind them that you’re proud of them and that they’re capable of reaching their target grades.

Help Them to Revise

If you know that your child struggles to concentrate and procrastinates when doing their work, you can help by sitting with them whilst they revise. You don’t need to be an expert by any means. You can just sit there as they explain what they’ve learned, test them using their notes and ensure that they’re completing past papers in exam conditions. 


If you’re worried that your child’s fallen behind and is struggling at school, they may benefit from having a skilled tutor spend some time with them one on one. That way they will have less confusion when revising and be able to get on with their work.

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