Supporting your child with their mental health

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Mental health affects people the same way any other health issue does. Unfortunately, given that these illnesses are invisible, it is difficult for many to identify when there is an issue. Mental health can affect the way a person behaves, thinks and feels, with it causing grief to many as they try to live their daily lives.

As a parent, it is vital that you remind your child that their mental health is just as important as their physical health. You can also promote good mental health by the daily practices you introduce into your child’s life, as well as tackling early signs of mental health problems. Continue reading for more information on supporting your child with their mental health, as advised by this sixth form college in London.

Build strong relationships

As a child, it is so important to have good and strong relationships with those in their lives. Simply by spending time together around the dinner table each night can be something that keeps the bond strong. This will ensure that your child knows that they have someone significant in their life that is always there and ready to take on anything they go to them with.

Help them develop their self-esteem

Unfortunately, low moods can stem from a lack of self-confidence. Social media has become a place full of perfect people with perfect lives. It is vital that you remind your child that everything online is filtered and edited to look as seamless as possible. Reinstate that they should never compare themselves in any way to others, especially when it comes to their personal development.

Listen to them

Your child needs to know that home is the safest space for them to talk about their feelings. It is okay to cry and feel angry. Don’t limit your child or make them feel unwanted when they come to you, as this will only send them on a downwards spiral.

If you think your child is suffering with something a lot more serious, be sure to get them seen by a doctor, to ensure they are well taken care of.

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