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If your household is anything like mine; your primary school-aged children will know more about sustainability, green issues and plastic pollution than you do! My kids love nagging me about making sure I never put cardboard in the general waste bin; but they seem to have had no issue for the past ten years about having our house full of plastic, badly made toys. As my youngest approaches his fourth birthday, I am finally getting tough on the choices of gifts they receive and making a concerted effort to choose sustainable kids toys.

But what exactly are sustainable kids toys? And why are they so important?

  • They’re made from natural, renewable materials
  • They don’t pollute the atmosphere by emitting carbon or other greenhouse gases
  • They don’t cause a waste problem and end up in landfill
  • They are more durable and less prone to breakage

Also,taking the preservation of the environment out of the equation (and call me self-centred if you like) there’s something way less irritating and more aesthetically pleasing about a living room floor littered with beautiful well-made wooden toys. The craftsmanship involved in sustainable kids toys, particularly those made of wood is often really beautiful to behold. It used to be the case that the range of wooden toys was limited, but they’re expanding all the time! You can even pick up a Disney Princess set all made from wood… these princesses are much more likely to stand the test of time with all their limbs in tact.

We were recently gifted a lovely wooden bus and car transporter by Jaques of London. They’ve been a huge hit in my house with my three year old, but also with my husband who pointed out that they feel robust enough to be passed on through the generations.

When choosing birthday gifts for the big fourth birthday (second one in lockdown bless him!), I’m going to be much more mindful of choosing toys which will grow with him, the longer the are played with the more sustainable kids toys become. I love the idea of buying from businesses and charities who sell gifts that give back too, so that each purchase is doing something for the greater good.

I’m also going to try and buy from businesses who have a strong ethical mindset and focus on sustainabilty, alongside beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Between you and me, I’ve already sourced an incredible mud kitchen handmade to order from a fantastic local business called Beneath the Bark. Made from timber, there won’t be a flash of neon plastic in sight… which should keep the 8 year old eco-warrior happy too!

If you’re making a concerted effort to live more sustainably; check out these 8 lazy ways to be more eco friendly.

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