Teaching Your Child to Empathise with Others

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Being empathetic means that you are able to understand the feelings and emotions of another person. A child that can do this through a range of activities, support and guidance through their parents that will help them learn to be honest and respectful of others.


From a young age there might not be a lot for your child to relate to. There shouldn’t be too much to overwhelm a child from a young age, but starting to introduce methods that help your child express empathy go a long way. 


Here are some top tips to teach your child to be empathetic towards others.

Show your child how you express empathy

If your child is struggling in a particular situation, then show them what you would do. Ask your child how they are feeling and understand the situation from their perspective. If your child is scared of something, for example, offer to hold their hand as they go past. 

Talk about other people’s feelings

Finding something to chat about with your child will help them open up to you. Have a look at other children’s feelings in the playground and talk to your child about them. Say something like “what do you think that child is feeling right now?”. Alternatively, if your child has caused an issue with someone in school, switch the conversation by asking your child how they think their friend is feeling right now.

Validate your child’s feelings

There is nothing worse than not having your feelings being recognised by others. Make your child feel like they have someone in their corner who they can turn to when they need that extra guidance. Children won’t ever be able to learn if their feelings are never identified and recognised by others, especially their parents who should be their biggest role model in life. Schools help with this to an extent, like this private school Cheshire, through pastoral care and invigorating activities. But whenever your child is upset you should take the time to talk through what is happening and how you can both rectify the situation together.


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