Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures

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We live in a multicultural society of different cultures and belief systems. As a part of learning respect and developing their social skills, children must learn to respect those that are different to them. By learning, developing an understanding and appreciation, there are many things children can learn. In this post we share guidance from a private school in Surrey on exploring diversity with children.

Explore Diversity

There are people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions all around us and is a good point to start. Seeing others who look physically different can help children see that we are all unique and to not be afraid of those differences.

Try Customary Foods

Aside from how we look, the food and traditions we share vary. There are a variety of delicious foods that we consume that originate from different countries. Exploring them can help children develop their cultural awareness and develop an appreciation for what each culture brings. 

Celebrating with One Another

Throughout the year there are a variety of occasions celebrated by religious and ethnic groups such as Holi, Eid, Diwali, and the Chinese New Year. Celebrating and paying respects is a lovely way for children to learn more about them.


The curriculum children explore at school is arguably not as varied as it could be, with history for example mostly exploring British History. To learn about the world and the contributions of other cultures, you may choose to do some research and learning of your own at home.


Events such as Black History month are dedicated to raising awareness for such contributions and are movements you can get involved in to develop greater understanding and awareness for other cultures. 

In addition to the above, children must be reminded that we are all equals and despite our differences, all deserve to be treated with the same respect.

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