The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

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Encouraging your child to pursue an extra-curricular activity is never a bad idea, because it will help them develop a range of key skills that can benefit them in various areas of life. Coding lessons are one example of this, because they’re a chance for children to learn a lot and become more confident. I have teamed up with a secondary school in Somerset to explore the benefits of coding lessons in further detail. 

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving isn’t a skill that children are born, so they sometimes struggle when faced with challenges. When learning to code they learn how to break problems down into smaller, more manageable chunks, which is a great method and can help them feel more confident tackling other challenges. 

Nurtures Creativity

Learning to code is a great way for children to showcase their creativity and engage their imaginations. This is because it involves building something visually appealing from a completely blank canvas. As a result, coding can open up many other creativity opportunities for young people, such as graphic design. 

Boosts Academic Performance

Coding shares many similarities with various academic subjects, including maths and languages. In essence, coding is a language of it’s own; it’s the way we communicate with technology. It also encourages children to visualise abstract concepts and practise logical thinking. As a result, learning to code can help your child progress academically as well. 

Provides Additional Career Opportunities

Many employers nowadays look for staff who have coding skills. With this in mind, coding lessons can help prepare your child for a positive future, in terms of a lucrative career. This is particularly true if they take their learning one step further and perhaps even study coding at university, rather than just as a hobby. 

Encourages Perseverance

There will be times that your child reaches roadblocks while coding, and that’s ok. In fact, it’s a great way to teach your child the importance of persevering. The sooner they learn that giving up is usually not the right answer, the more optimistic they will be when they are faced with other challenges. 

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