The Benefits of English Literature in Schools

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In this guide from a prep school in London we take a look at the benefits students will find when they begin to study English Literature.

Children get to explore a range of different stories

Literature covers a lot of different novels and productions from the past, usually very famous works at that. These help students piece together the aims of the author in their unique stories. Oftentimes students will be asked to watch film or TV adaptations of the books they’re reading about as well to help provide more context for them. Children get to explore a wide variety of fictional stories in their Literature lessons as a result.

Improved analytical skills

Having the chance to analyse how authors make their decisions, why a certain moment is happening in a story, or working out what could be happening next are all tested in Literature lessons. You get to analyse exactly why a writer has decided to make particular decisions and how it can help them with their critical thinking skills and their understanding of what’s being asked of them.

Better grasp at grammar and writing

Clearly one of the big things about being immersed in English Literature lessons each week is that your child will have a lot of opportunities to work on their reading, writing and grammar skills.

These are not only important for just your child’s general understanding of the language, being able to write comprehensive sentences and perform analyses, but it also helps your child for upcoming exams. Exams are very writing-heavy so it’s important your child is prepared.

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