The Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

Published by Sarah Hughes on

Music is one of the most shared enjoyments around. Not only is it something that is nice to listen to, but it is a great skill to acquire to learn as well.

Adding an extracurricular activity to your child’s life Is important as it helps them develop talents, interests and passions. Learning to play a musical instrument can be riveting as not only does it take a lot of skill, but requires children to be patient throughout. Here are some top tips from a grammar school in Leicestershire on the benefits of music lessons for children.

Music is actually really good when it comes to helping the brain develop. Studies have shown that different types of music language can benefit a child’s overall mental health and development. Those who study music are actually more successful on the charts and in standardised tests. They are also more likely to achieve better grades in school.

Music is enjoyable. It is a great way for them to pick up a hobby that they actually enjoy to do. Every song that is learned is a personal achievement. If your child is encouraged to work alongside their favourite songs and artists, they will have a great time learning and understanding their chosen musical instrument.

It’s a great way to help relieve stress and learn focus. Learning a musical instrument takes complete focus. Due to this, children are able to understand how to pay better attention when it comes to their studies as well. Music is also very stress relieving which is a great way for those who are going through tough times as it can help calm the mind and aid with focus. 

Given that many musical instruments are learnt in a group, it can help to improve on social skills too. Children are able to build on team working skills and play harmoniously amongst others. Attending rehearsals and practising is essential which is something that can enhance social skills whilst working towards a certain goal.

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