The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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Sports are often encouraged in schools to help children work on a range of beneficial skills and in aid of their own personal development. Having the space to work on sports and discover new sports in school is a great way to show students how their skills can be used in different ways as well. In this guide from an independent school in Harpenden, we explore the key benefits sports bring to students in schools.

A greater use of a child’s skills

The skills a child learns in the classroom is not just going to be beneficial for their studies, as they can be transferred to learning when they’re playing sports as well. Skills that may well be taught in the classroom – decision making skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills – can be very useful in a sports setting. Alternatively a lot of skills taught when playing sports can also be used in the classroom, such as team building and delegation skills.

Improves a child’s mental health

Having a place to unwind and forget about the many elements of their more traditional studies will help your child manage their mental health in a better way. Sports typically raise a child’s heart rate and improve their focus, moving their thoughts away from what could be stressing them out. It will also raise a child’s endorphins, which is great for improving a child’s skills in being strong willed and attentive.

Allows your child to find their passion

Finding a child’s passion can greatly improve a child’s level of focus, as well as giving them something to look forward to and aspire to work on. Taking your child away from regular study, they have the opportunity to explore new things, as well as figure out what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. Schools will aim to facilitate a range of sports so that children can explore a number of different activities that could very well turn into a passion.

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