The Benefits of Steam Showers

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If you’re looking to up the luxury level in your bathroom, look no further than a steam shower. Once just the preserve of the super rich, steam showers are now becoming seen as a realistic and worthwhile investment in bathrooms up and down the country.

A steam shower is a modern stylish take on the standard convectional shower enclosure, offering all the same attributes as a standard shower, but tailored to create a spa environment. Each shower is built as a standalone unit which incorporates an in-built steam function, meaning they can be used for your usual shower or transformed into a steam room at the push of a button. 

One of the leading stockists/installers of steam showers are Insignia. With lots of different models on offer to suit a variety of budgets, there’s bound to be an Insignia Steam Shower that would take your bathroom up a notch.

Steam showers come with a range of added extras depending on which unit you choose to have installed. Let’s look at some of the stylish features you mightn’t have thought about…


Yes, believe it or not the full spa sensory experience isn’t just reserved for swish hotels. The Insignia Creative Team has developed a simple and innovative way to infuse the steam in your Insignia steam shower with a range of beautiful aromas. Insignia provide aromatherapy infusion kits for all steam products as well as a selection of essential oils and diffuser pads. Treat yourself to a few so you can switch them up according to your mood.


If the idea of relaxing in a steam room with some chilled tunes playing sounds like bliss, you’re going to love this feature. Many Insignia showers have built-in audio and bluetooth speakers as a standard feature, directly linked to the shower control panel inside the enclosure. Start the day with your favourite radio station or end it with the playlist of your choice without ever leaving the shower or risking water damage to your mobile device.

Chromatherapy lighting

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit a rainfall shower in a spa hotel, you’ll know how much lighting can enhance the experience. Most Insignia models now come with their innovative chromatherapy lighting system, allowing you to change your shower enclosure lighting depending on what mood you’re in. Pick vibrant hues to help energise and calmer soothing tones for when you need to relax. Similarly to the bluetooth system, the lighting system is contained within the shower itself and can be controlled and adjusted from the shower control panel.

So what are the benefits of regularly taking a steam shower? 

Soothes sore muscles

If you’re a regular exerciser you’ll love how using a steam shower reduces muscular soreness and aids recovery. In fact, even if you’re not a gym bunny, you’ll notice that regular steam showers really soothe day to day aches and pains.

Clear airways

If you suffer from congestion, hayfever or sinus problems, steam showers are an ideal way to clear your airways.

Improved skin quality

Warming the skin through steaming opens your pores and works to detoxify and deep clean the skin. So you’re looking after your body’s biggest organ just by stepping into the enclosure.

Improved circulation

Steaming has been shown to open capillaries and blood vessels. In some people this can lead to a lowering in blood pressure.

Stress relief

Above all else, steam showers are relaxing. Especially when used with aromatherapy, mood lighting and music! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s a real treat to be able to come back home to your own little retreat, in the privacy of your own bathroom.



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