The benefits of summer school for children

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As exam season approaches, children look forward to completing their current academic year and embarking on a well-deserved summer break. Whilst some parents are looking to spend the summer taking short trips, others may be considering enrolling their child onto summer school for the upcoming break.

Summer schools are relatively new in the UK, which makes it completely normal if parents are still wondering whether it’ll be the right place to send their child. Below is some advice from this sixth form college in London on the benefits of summer school for children.

Keeps your child moving

If children were in charge of how they could spend their whole summer holiday, it would most likely be cooped up in their room playing video games all day or scrolling through social media. However, given that the UK is not blessed with 12 months of sunshine and warm weather, it is important that children make use of every opportunity they can to spend time outdoors. Summer schools are well known for having amazing activity schedules that help promote physical well-being and outdoor learning. This alone will ensure that your child won’t waste their holiday with a screen in front of them, and instead will be taking part in activities that will boost their skills.

Develop academic skills

This is most likely the biggest benefit of a child attending summer school. Normally, students see summer holidays as a time to completely shut off from any academic learning, which in future can have a negative effect on their education. Summer school won’t necessarily have your child sat at a table and chair for multiple hours in the day. Instead, they take a less traditional route by encouraging students to be directly involved in the learning process. This is much more engaging and, in some ways, much more effective too.

If summer school sounds appealing to both you and your child, begin your research now and enrol them for a summer packed with unforgettable memories!

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