The Benefits of Tennis Lessons for Kids

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Children spend far too much time on their phones, and not enough outside getting fresh air and exercise.

For those of you who can relate, we have a simple solution and that’s outdoor sports. It’s fun, gets the whole family involved, and can help children develop a whole host of new skills. Tennis in particular is a great one. It requires two players so there’s very little organisation involved. Below are some reasons from a tennis court for hire in Northwood as to why you should consider lessons for your child.

Gets The Heart Rate Up

Tennis is a physically demanding sport. Although it might look like light work, you and your children will need to run around and be fast on your feet. This can progressively get the heart rate up, making it a good form of cardio and way to stay fit. 

Gross Motor Skills

To follow on the topic of health, strength is needed to fireballs across a court. This works the larger muscles of the body and helps children to develop what are known as gross motor skills.

Healthy Competition

It is a competitive sport so it introduces children to the ideas of winning, losing and how to handle their opponents. This is quite an invaluable lesson as children in turn learn to deal with failure and setbacks that come their way.

Team Work

If there are more than two players, they can play doubles matches that involve teamwork. Another great skill for your child to develop.

A Chance to Make Friends

Taking tennis lessons allows children the chance to meet other children with similar goals and motivations as them which can help them to find like-minded friends. 

Above all, tennis is a fun and fulfilling sport that your child can use to feel better. Mentally they may feel more uplifted and less stressed as exercise releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in the brain.

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