The Best Alternative Easter Gifts For All The Family

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alternative easter gifts

If your house is anything like mine, we get way too much Chocolate for Easter! This year in an attempt to have a healthier May, I’m going to be investing in non chocolate alternative easter gifts for grown-ups and kids alike.

Here is my round up of the most eggciting (sorry) alternative Easter gifts that won’t rot the kids teeth or add pounds to our waistlines!

Alternative Easter Gifts for toddlers and babies

Jojo Maman Bebe always have gorgeous nick nacks for little ones. My favourite of their current haul are these super cute eggs. Easter themed but sugar free!

easter toys

If your toddler is into crafts (I shudder at the very thought of crafting – not gonna lie!), these Easter Crown kits from Baker Ross look fairly painless and should keep them occupied for an hour or two on Easter Sunday.

Alternative Easter Gifts for Children

I was kindly gifted Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game by Learning Resources. My youngest son who is four has had a sneak peek and a little turn with it even though it’s not quite Easter bunny time yet. He absolutely loved it! It’s the perfect alternative Easter gift if you want to give something non-chocolate which is still really fun.

I also came across this fab Hot Cross Bunny Cookery set which would probably appeal to children from toddlers through to teens. It might not be chocolate… but you could always let them lick the spoon. Major brownie points for that!

You could also organise an Easter treasure hunt for younger kids; an activity which is always a total hit! Check out this site for fab downloadable trails and clues.

Alternative Easter Gifts for Teenagers

I was lucky enough to be sent the most fantastic new scooter from Skates. It’s a JD Bug shiny red absolute beauty which I’m sure all three of my boys will be fighting over. It’s great to give kids a gift which will get them outdoors and active instead of indoors shovelling chocolate into their mouths in front of the TV…. I love the fact that it folds up so it can be stored compactly too! Skates are well worth checking out, their range of scooters, skateboards and roller blades are a teenage dream.

easter gift for teenager

If you’ve got a teenage girl to buy for this Easter and want to send an alternative to chocolate, check out Etsy. They have some beautiful bracelets and pamper packs, fairly inexpensive but lovely little gifts.

Alternative Easter Gifts for Women

For an Easter gift idea for a friend, sister or Mum… look no further than a Revive Collagen supplement pack. They’re all the rage while we all hunt for eternal youth! I was gifted some and I really rate the results so far. My skin is clearer and brighter and my nails are growing like crazy. Slightly pricier than the other non-chocolate gift ideas in here… but she’s worth it.

Easter gift for women

If you want to gift her something tasty but she’s calorie conscious; send her some Pro Youth Bars. They’re super tasty, packed with post-workout protein and much more filling than a Cadbury’s Creme Egg! They’re gut friendly, research-backed and made entirely with natural. whole foods.

Alternative Easter Gifts for Men

The sales of home exercise equipment rocketed during the Covid pandemic and the trend seems to be continuing! For an alternative Easter gift for the men in your life, how about treating them to a resistance band set or kettlebells kit? The effects will last much longer than the effect of an Easter egg…

If all else fails, we all know how much fellas love a pair of new socks don’t we? At Christmas, for birthdays, why not Easter socks too? Extra points if you treat him to ones with Peter Rabbit on.

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