The best fitness podcasts to get you motivated and moving

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There are some fantastic resources out there to help inspire you to meet your fitness goals. Whether it’s improving your mindset or finally taking up running, we’ve sussed out the best fitness podcasts to get you raring to go.

Podcasts and fitness crazes are as popular as each other these days. But how do you know which ones are worthy of your attention, time and money? Plus, with every reality star and their mother now claiming to be fitness expert, how do we know whether the advice is evidence-based and realistic for us mere mortals.

I’ve been a fitness trainer for fifteen years now and run a variety of classes. I’m passionate about helping people get active and I really think podcasts can play a huge part in actually motivating people to throw on their trainers and have a go.

Here are the five best fitness podcasts to stick in your ears right now!

  • The One for Fact-lovers … Keeping It Real with Gillian Michaels.

I’ve been a fan of Gillian Michaels for a long time. She’s a fantastic trainer who many years ago championed the idea of the effectiveness of mini workouts. Freeing her clients from the shackles of an hour long workout and instead doing more frequent short bursts of activity, made exercise more accessible for lots of people. In this podcast Gillian, along with an array of knowledgeable guests, examines the evidence-bases behind the theories. You’ll find her discussing everything from fitness, to nutrition, to relationships and parenting.

  • The one for people who want the feel good factor… Train Happy

Presented by personal trainer and author Tally Rye this podcast aims to help us have a more positive and fun relationship with exercise. Perfect if exercise sometimes feels like the very last thing you want to do! This show will help you find the movement that works for you.

  • The one for newbie runners… NHS Couch to 5k

This podcast does what it says on the tin! Across a nine week program, this plan will transform couch potatoes into joggers… whether they believe they can do it or not. Thousands of people have downloaded this easy-to-use program and I urge you to give it a go if you’ve always fancied running but feel nervous about how to start.

  • The one that will make you laugh… The Dumbbells

Fitness doesn’t have to be serious and sensible you know! This podcast will inspire you to train dirty (oo-errr Mrs) and eat clean, but it’ll make you laugh in the process. It certainly helps that as well as being fitness fanatics, the hosts Eugene and Ryan are actually stand-up comedians. You’ve heard the saying haven’t you..? Laughter is the best medicine!

  • The one you can trust to help you eat the right stuff… The Food Medic

Hazel Wallace is a doctor, personal trainer and author (is there really any need for that level of over achievement please!?) and in this informative podcast she sifts the food myths from the hard facts. If you’ve been confused by food labelling, crash diets and conflicting confusing information online; Hazel will make things easier to undersatnd. As well as discussing public health campaigns, Hazel hosts a range of experts in the fields of eating disorders, sports nutrition and digestion. Fascinating and informative stuff.

Find all of theses beauties on Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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