The Importance of Chores for Your Child’s Development

Published by Sarah Hughes on

We’ve all got memories of being nagged to do our chores. Now that we’re older, many of us have come to appreciate the practice and can see why they were enforced upon us.  They are important because they help to teach children healthy habits for the future but not only that, they also teach valuable lessons on fairness and accountability. If you would like to know more about the importance of chores for children, take a look at the benefits below from a top boarding school.


Time Management

Children have very few responsibilities so when they get to adulthood, it’s all a bit of a shock to their system and takes time to adjust to. Having prior exposure and multiple things to juggle can help them to develop these all-important skills as it gives them the need to manage their time better.



Having an understanding of what parents do can help children to respect them and their house. It can make them think twice about leaving things lying around and not cleaning things up after themselves.


Organisation Skills

It’s important to keep things tidy and organised as when they are not, it can be very tricky to find what you need and work effectively. Chores make sure that children tidy their room and that it’s not left in disarray. This can help to make it a more inviting place to study and help them to not lose important things like homework.



All actions have consequences. Chores help children to understand the gravity of them and why they must keep to their promises. 



Tidying a room can be a big undertaking. You may not know where to start because of how overwhelming it may be. Learning how to clean up can give children these essential life skills and the competence to look after themselves when they live alone in the future.


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