The Most Popular Entertainment Venues in London Fields

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London is famous for its metropolitan lifestyle and the diverse entertainment options it offers to its residents and tourists. It would be a desperately long and confusing article if we were to talk about all the entertainment venues London has to offer. Instead, let’s focus on one of its coolest areas, London Fields.

London Fields is in London Borough of Hackney, in the eastern part of London. It is one of the popular areas where people are torn about what to do first. There are options for all kinds of people with different entertainment tastes.

Although it is hard to choose just a few of the amazing businesses that operate there, we will try to do just that by presenting some of the most popular places that everyone should visit at least once while they are in London Fields.

Broadway Market

You should start your day in London Fields by doing your shopping in the historic Broadway Market. It is a street market that dates back to the Victorian times but it still goes on every Saturday. But you shouldn’t wait for Saturdays to come to visit because there are many excellent shops that you can visit every day of the week. It should also be mentioned that it has been used as a shooting location for a couple of films.

Hackney Picturehouse

Since films were mentioned, we should also talk about Hackney Picturehouse, a cinema with a classic exterior and an industrial interior. It is truly a unique place as it has a great variety of screenings, from independent to Hollywood films, which are either newly released or classic favourites. You can also enjoy a drink in one of its two bars or even grab something to eat at its restaurant.

Crazy Golf

Are you looking for something a bit more active? If yes, you should definitely book a time slot on in London Fields. Whether you have played crazy golf before or not, you will have the time of your life trying to get the golf ball to the hole while overcoming fun and creative obstacles. The colourful and vibrant place, which also consists of a private green yard, will make your day and you will not want to stop playing until you can master the challenging course.

Hackney Church

A place that you must visit if you find yourself in London Fields is St. John at Hackney, which has been an Anglican parish church since 1275. What makes it stand out from all the other places of worship is the fact that it has been restored in such a way that it also functions as an entertainment venue. A lot of concerts and other cultural events take place there. You should definitely check out Ed Sheeran’s performance at the church.

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