Tips for Helping Your Child Navigate School, Homework & Extra Curriculars

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As a parent, you play a crucial role in helping your child navigate their way through challenges and hurdles that may come their way. Most of these hurdles may come from school, with homework and extracurricular activities requiring extra effort and perseverance, from both parent and child. With all of it adding up, it is clear that balancing all of these can be quite overwhelming. However, with the right strategies, you can create a supportive environment that ensures the promotion of both academic and personal growth. Below are some top tips from this pre prep school in Hampton, on helping your child navigate and balance school, homework, and extracurriculars.

Create a consistent routine

The first step to ensure that your child is able to balance all of these things, is a consistent routine, as it provides structure to your child’s day. Designate specific times for school, homework, and extracurricular activities. Having a routine can help your child manage their time and responsibilities, which helps to reduce stress and foster a sense of stability. In this time, you should also ensure that there is time put aside for them to complete their homework without any distraction. You can do this by creating a quiet, organised study space at home where they can focus on their homework assignments. Consistency also extends into your child’s sleep schedule, as an adequate amount of sleep every night is essential for cognitive function.

Communication and priorities

In order for your child to manage and navigate a number of things at once, they need to know how to prioritise. Encourage them to stay on top of schoolwork and homework, and only take on extracurriculars if they find any that they enjoy and can manage well. This helps to prevent burnout, and ensures they have enough time for leisure too. Communication is also key, so ensure you sit down with your child and discuss their goals and expectations. These conversations can help you make effective decisions, such as making adjustments to their schedule if they are feeling overwhelmed.

By taking on the tips above you can ensure your child is able to complete all of their studies and navigate their way through their academic journey, without the risk of burnout.

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