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For the times you need to cry it all out

Sometimes, when life gets heavy; we really need to find a way to let it all out. But what if you’re not in the mood to talk just yet? What if you’re not quite ready to cheer up? May I suggest you pop on a really sad tearjerker of a movie?

Now hear me out. I know it seems paradoxical to indulge in a sad film when you’re already feeling flat; but research has shown that watching one of those tearjerkers can actually do us good! A study by Oxford University showed that watching sad films can develop our empathy, help us feel emotionally connected to others and suprisingly boost our endorphins – they’re the happy hormones by the way.

So no longer will I feel guilty for pouring a glass of wine and sticking on Steel Magnolia’s, knowing full well I’ll be hysterically crying in an hours time. It’s good for me OK?

I put a shout out to some lovely fellow writers and asked them for their top tips on the best tearjerkers out there. So open the chocolates, grab the tissues and get ready to let it all out!

  • The Green Mile

From award-winning writer-director Frank Darabont (of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ which is another sob-fest! ) comes the story of a man who didn’t believe in miracles. Starring everyone’s favourite Hollywood goodie, Tom Hanks, this is a tale about life, death and the wonders of the human spirit. The film also stars the incredible Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey a massive black man convicted of brutally killing two little white girls. The film has an incredible story but is at it’s heart character-driven and the relationship between death row inmate and prison guard is absolutely captivating.

Tears out of ten: 10

  • P.S I Love You

From the bestselling book by Cecilia Aherne; this film was largely panned by the critics! It didn’t stop it from becoming a huge commercial success and it’s still a go-to classic for when a heartbreak movie is required. It stars Hilary Swank as a woman trying to rebuild her life over the course of a year after the death of her partner, played by Gerard Butler. If you have the time; I’d recommend diving into the book instead though!

Tears out of ten: 6

  • My Girl

Who doesn’t have beautiful nostalgic memories of watching My Girl as a kid and wishing so badly that Macauley Culkin looked at you like that? Don’t deny it! Starring pre ‘Home Alone’ Culkin and the captivatingly cute Anna Chlumsky; this film is deeper and more thought provoking than you might remember. With star turns from Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis, there are moments of perfect comedy timing amongst all the darkness.

Tears out of ten: 10

  • Me Before You

I often think when it comes to tearjerker films, they don’t make ’em like they used to! Me Before You flips that theory on it’s head. Made in 2016 and starring the then up-and-coming Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke as an unlikely couple in this gorgeous more-than-a-rom-com. The film raises so many interesting points on the issue of palliative care and the right to die; but also has lots of laugh out loud moments, a heartwarming love story, and an ultimately hopeful ending.

Tears out of ten: 8

  • Marley and Me

Now everyone who knows me knows this: I’m not a big fan of dogs. Sorry! I’m just not. Much prefer cats… sue me. So if I bawled my eyes out at Marley and Me; it’s going to ruin all you dog lovers! Starring the ever fabulous Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson; this is a beautiful depiction of the important place a pet plays in family life.

Tears out of ten: 7

  • Up

I am no stranger at crying at animated films. Catch me at the wrong time of the month and Wreck It Ralph could even set me off. But ‘Up’ is universally accepted as the top tearjerker of animated films. The film centres on an elderly man, desperate to keep his promise to his late wife, and his relationship with the little boy who wants to help him. It’s visually beautiful and the soundtrack will stick in your head long after the film ends. One to watch with the kids… they’ll cry too!

Tears out of ten: 9

  • E.T

Another one to watch with the kids. In fact; this film is a rite of passage for tweens and teens. Although the special effects might not look as amazing to them as they did to us back in the day; the story still hits where it hurts. Starring a teeny Drew Barrymore and directed by the always-fabulous Steven Spielberg, this story of a boy who makes friends with an extra terrestrial creature, feels as warm and wonderful as it did thirty years ago.

Tears out of ten: 7

  • My Sister’s Keeper

Now be advised… this one is a particularly tough watch. Based on the beautiful novel by Jodi Picault; Cameron Diaz abandons her rom-com queen reputation to deliver a heartbreaking performance here. It also stars Abigail Breslin in her breakout role, as Diaz’s daughter, who is suffering from leukaemia. The film got mixed reviews from the critics but as expected, was a huge box office hit.

Tears out of ten: 10

  • Steel Magnolia’s

Ok I couldn’t resist chucking in my all-time favourite tearjerker. This is an incredible film on many levels, not least for it’s demonstration of the power of female friendship. It’s worth watching for Sally Field’s Oscar-nominated performance alone. The film also stars the ridiculously beautiful and youthful Julia Roberts and the hilariously acerbic Shirley McClaine. Steel Magnolia’s has it all; humour heart and southern charm by the bucket-load.

Tears out of ten: 8

  • The Bridges of Madison County

Another fabulous tearjerker based on a book. Starring the queen of the sad film Meryl Streep (Ooh Kramer vs Kramer… how did that not make the list!?) and Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. This is a love story that spans thirty years or more, from a time where duty and responsibility came before personal gratification. Streep plays Francesca who has to make the heartbreaking decision whether to follow her heart and be with the man she loves, or sacrifice her own happiness for that of her children. Block a half-day out in your diary; this one might take a few hours to recover from!

Tears out of ten: 9

Not a big film fan? More of a bookworm? Why not check out these books which are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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