Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

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A new language can give your child an edge when it comes to putting themselves forward for roles in the future and put them at a huge advantage as they have greater possibilities to explore. They can travel parts of the world with ease, connect with others on a deeper level and possibly even consider opportunities in other parts of the world. It’s a great skill but requires time and patience to build. A private prep school in Birmingham shares their top tips for helping children learn a new language which we have shared with you below.

Invest in Tools and Services

There are many educational services out there to help both adults and children learn new languages. They offer pre-recorded lessons that you can watch at your own time, pace and as many times as necessary. 

Travel the World

If you’re trying to encourage your child to learn a new language, travelling might be the way forward. You can broaden their world view and help them to see that the world is much bigger than what they imagine it to be. There’s so much beauty to be explored and lots that they can learn from those from other cultures.

Language Days

Practice makes perfect and having set days where they are not allowed to speak in English can force your child to do exactly that. All they can use is a language dictionary and a device for Google translate.

Study Abroad 

Study abroad opportunities may arise at their school and offer them the opportunity to learn in another country. They will be fully immersed in the culture and have the opportunity to build on their language skills whilst over there.

Foreign TV Shows

Their favourite shows may be available in other languages and dialects. Watching them with subtitles can help them to pick up new words and understand the context in which they are used.

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