Top tips for helping your child with homework

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Homework isn’t the easiest thing to get a child to do. With the number of distractions around, homework and studying outside the classroom seems to be the last thing on a child’s mind. However, children that complete homework regularly are more successful, even more so when their parents show an active interest in it.

This is because it shows that their efforts are important too. Of course, helping your child with their homework doesn’t mean you spend hours on end sat at a desk solving equations. Showing support on a regular basis by encouraging and providing them with the tools they need can be good enough. Here are some top tips from this private school in Northampton on helping your child with their homework.

Be supportive

Many times, children will steer away from completing homework due to boredom or difficulty. This is why it is important to be supportive at all times. Let them learn from their mistakes. Rather than giving them the answer straight away, it is better to support them through hardships and show them the way out. Provide them with the opportunity to figure out the answers alone as this helps them to develop their problem-solving skills. The more confident they become with figuring out answers themselves, the more independent they will become.

Study routine

Some children like to do their homework straight after school, whereas others prefer to relax and pick up on studies later on in the day. Whilst there is no right or wrong way to do this, it is still important to establish a suitable time and place for completing work. A comfortable space that is away from distractions can do just this. Encourage them to stick to their routine as developing healthy homework habits from a young age, will have many positive effects on your child later on in life.

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