Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths

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Maths can be a stressful ordeal for children, especially when they know it’s not their favourite subject or they struggle with the subject in general. The good thing about this though is that parents can easily pick up some ways to help their child that will get them on their way through maths. Here are some top tips that one of the best New York private schools has to offer on getting through your child’s maths studies.

Involve maths questions in daily life

A natural way of involving more maths into your child’s days involves asking your child maths questions on the go. When you’re in a restaurant, ask your child to calculate the final bill for the group. In the supermarket, get them to count the number of items they can spot in the trolley and have a guess at what the final bill might be. Test them all the time and keep them on their toes so that they feel motivated to work on their skills on the go.

Break down methods into chunks

A lot of maths questions involve specific methods in order to get to the right result. This can be a lot for a child if they’ve been taught a number of different methods in a short period of time, so it’s a good time to break these down into chunks. Reinforce these methods over and over so that they stick in your child’s mind. Sometimes it’s just repetition of these methods, equations and sums that will help them the most.

Remove negativity around maths

A lot of people find maths difficult and a boring subject, but whatever we think about the subject we should know that it’s still important for our skills. Try not to project negativity onto your child, as they’ll pick it up rapidly and will feel the same way. Have fun with maths and make questions exciting for your child to look forward to, and they’ll feel more motivated.

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