Traveler eye care tips to protect your vision during your UK Trip

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Your much anticipated trip to the UK is getting closer and closer and you are over the moon about it. Especially after the fear and the cancellations due to the pandemic it feels like an actual dream that you get to travel again.

You should not put your guard down because the pandemic is still going on and you should be extra careful about keeping yourself and the people around you healthy.

A part of the body that a lot of people neglect and not give it enough care and attention is their eyes. It might be that we take our vision for granted — as no signs of poor or declining sight are noticed — that we do not get informed of what we should do in case of an eye emergency, especially when we are traveling. In this article, however, we will put the record straight and provide you with a few essential eye care tips, which you should use so that you can see all the amazing places in the UK clearly.

Tip 1: Wear your sunglasses

When are you going to the UK? Is it in summer or in winter? Regardless of when you are leaving for this trip, you shouldn’t forget your sunglasses. Even when you think you don’t need them because the sun is hidden behind the clouds you should actually wear them because sunlight is very powerful and it can be harmful even if you cannot feel it.

Tip 2: Don’t wear contact lenses for too long

I understand that you want to look gorgeous while exploring a new place and taking photos but you should not wear your contact lenses longer than it is recommended. If you do so, your eyes will get irritated and you might even suffer from ulcers. Take your favorite pair of glasses with you and wear them the moment you feel your eyes start feeling uncomfortable. Make sure that you wash your hands before removing your contacts and store them attentively.

Tip 3: Don’t hesitate to visit an optician

If you feel that your vision is getting blurry or if you feel any pain in the eye area, you should visit an optician immediately. An optician in Southampton will be able to examine your eyes and not only detect and explain the reason behind such symptoms but also stabilize your situation until you can go back to your home town and deal with the issue with your eye doctor.

Tip 4: Don’t give in to bad habits

It is common for people to get so relaxed and happy during their vacation that they indulge in bad habits that they had broken a long time ago. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively or binging on food (we mean finding excuses to eat large amounts of food when they are not hungry – not about eating fast and unhealthy food more frequently) are a few examples of such habits. Eating to the point of satiation, drinking a lot of water and avoiding addictive substances will help with your overall health.

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