Unique Halloween Gifts for all the family

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We all have our favourite holiday/festival/celebration don’t we? I’m not going to lie mine is unashamedly, fervently; Christmas!

But for those of you who are all about throwing a full-scale Spooktacular; this post contains my top tips for unique Halloween gifts that’ll have everybody freaking out… in a good way.

Halloween might not be the holiday you most associate with gift-giving; but with these little beauties on offer, who cares? Think less trick, more treat.

  • For little kids

Let’s get the kids gifts out of the way first shall we? I mean they get all the good stuff don’t they!? Ever-reliable Amazon has an array of amazing costumes featuring everything from Zombie Cheerleaders to the scarily spot-on Joker from Batman. Especially handy for all you last-minute shoppers with their next day delivery option!

My favourite Halloween treats for kids are usually a spooky bedtime story, and Waterstones has a bumper batch of them this year for all ages. Team them up with some epic skeleton pyjamas and you’re onto a winner.

If you want something a bit more hands-on, then how about gifting some Halloween lego… with any luck they’ll get so engrossed you might get out of having to take them trick-or-treating in the rain! Amazon has a great Lego book dedicated to Halloween-specific creations.

If you’re buying Halloween clothing for little kids, you have to check out Boden this year! The most unique halloween gift I’ve come across has to be their lift-the-flap haunted house dress. Yes you heard me right: a dress. With flaps. And it’s haunted. Doesn’t get any better than that does it?

  • For the awkward teens

If your teen is into spooky stuff all year round, then how about treating them to a framed poster of their favourite horror film? For a truly unique halloween gift, consider splashing out on a signed poster. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write to Stephen King’s agent… you can get them on Amazon! I mean, I’d be sleeping with one eye open with this on my wall… but teens are hardy creatures aren’t they?

The chances are your teen knows more about Halloween makeup than you ever did… odds are that your teenage costumes consisted of a bin liner and some black eyeliner; am I right? But you can still impress them by gifting some seriously cool Halloween face gunk by DC comics. There’s also a brush set, which apparently is very important… nobody applies their makeup using their fingers these days didn’t you know?

  • For the men in your life

You’re going to have to go a long way to find any halloween gift cooler that the Matt Gold Skull Bottle Opener from cult homeware store Rockett St George. It’s budget-friendly, practical and easy on the eye… what’s not to love?

ASOS also have some brilliant halloween finds for fellas, everything from Boxer shorts that say BOO to a frankly fabulous chainmail harness in the style of a spiders web.

  • For the ladies/witches in your life

This Matt Black Drip table is another Rockett St George classic. I know it’s not technically a Halloween gift but don’t you think this just screams witches side table..?

If you’re looking for truly unique halloween gifts to spoil a loved one… or yourself; why not splash out on some big ticket jewellery ? My top tip is this absolutely gorgeous spider brooch from AC Silver. Yes it’s a bit spendy… but it’s an absolute classic which will be elevating your outfits for many Halloweens to come.

If you’re feeling vampish this Halloween then why not gift yourself a gorgeous (if potentially a bit scratchy) Cobweb bra and thong set or some super cute Pretty Polly Black Cat Tights both found at good old ASOS.

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