Teaching Your Child to Use The Internet Safely

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With the internet becoming a dominant force in both our own lives and in our childrens’ lives, it’s more important than ever to show your child how to handle themselves on the internet and know what to look out for. It’s a continually changing world that your child can become a part of, especially as the internet changes on a regular basis. Whilst some parents are busy weighing up the pros and cons of dsl vs fiber internet, most of us are more concerned about keeping our kids protected from unwanted outside influences. And of course there are so many of those on the internet!

With that in mind, here are some ways you can teach your child about internet safety that this private school in London recommends.

Offer advice on the telltale signs of a scam

As they’re not as experienced online as we may be, scams can easily be found online that can make children feel worried or confused. Ideally we should be jumping in beforehand to help them in identifying these issues and what to look out for. Children shouldn’t be sharing personal details online, and they should never talk to people they don’t know online. Those two rules alone can really help a child pick out what risks they bring if they talk to people online.

Show them examples of scams and online thieves

Hackers, thieves and scam artists are found all the time online and not just through email. Social media is also a common place for children to find unsuspecting thieves that can talk to them freely and get them involved in something they’re not sure about. Thankfully social media sites do have security in place, and you can show your child how to report accounts for spreading scams or misleading information.

Oversee what they’re doing as they browse

There’s no way of following your child’s entire life online, as it would be quite invasive for them and you should learn to trust in your child. You can however keep a close eye by monitoring their habits through tools, or just a general glance at their screens from time to time.

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