Vinyl Flooring – Which Is The Best Brand

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Which is the Better Vinyl Flooring Brand?

Every vinyl flooring specialist lays claim to having the ideal flooring product, and plenty of vinyl flooring brands will pipe themselves as the best of the bunch when it comes to designs and ranges.

With all of these products claiming to have the best advances in safeguards to further perfect flooring options, the lowest price Amtico flooring has taken the position as the highest recommended vinyl flooring product by design experts and interior designers nationwide.

When looking into vinyl flooring options throughout your home, you look to the highest recommended brand to show why it is considered the best. Amtico is the brand that answers all questions. 

It’s worth getting an expert in to lay your floor. The worst outcome would be to have it laid beautifully and then find there are termites in the sub floor which would require you to call out a pest control expert like the ones at, who might need to rip it all up!

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Fit for Purpose

Luxury vinyl flooring offers up enough style from the lounge to the bedroom whilst not neglecting kitchens and speciality luxury bathrooms.

With vinyl, you have the option of having individual planks or tiles cut to exact measurements for any size room, even if you plan on laying over already existing boards. There is also no need in removing skirting boards and you can fully reduce the removal of large sections if in need of replacing any boards or tiles.

The fitting of the floor is always a chief decisionmaker, but with luxury vinyl flooring you would be surprised at the ease of installation. It could even be completed by yourself over a day if looking to save a sizable chunk of money on professional fitting.


Maintaining the health and look of your floor is always going to be a prime concern, and whilst the vinyl has a lot of protective properties, you want the best reputation of holding its word.

With most vinyl, spills can be cleaned instantly with a cloth and wipe whilst simple sweep and brushing eliminates dust and debris. No major cleaning products are required as a simple washcloth and vinegar can keep your flooring planks and tiles condition looking the way they should.

Cushioned layers prevent any imprints by heavy furniture as long as they are provided with felt padding to prevent any scratches or scuffs. Although vinyl has anti-scratch safeguards at hand, they can still be victims of furniture legs if not adequately cushioned. This is standard amongst all vinyl flooring brands.

The Finest Brand

What makes Amtico the most requested and reputable vinyl flooring option comes down to experience with customers, and that is not purely because it is a long-established product. Many brands have been going just as long.

Lowest price Amtico flooring edges ahead due to taking on board all of the positive’s vinyl flooring can offer and smoothing out the past mistakes that vinyl had in early years. For this reason, Amtico lives up to satisfaction when it comes to choosing a vinyl product for your home.

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