Violife Vegan Cheese: Review

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violife vegan cheese

Now before I start let me confess: I have never ever considered going vegan. I know it’s good for the planet, and I know we should all be eating less meat, but going the whole way and changing fully to a vegan diet just seems a bit difficult you know?

One of the things that has put me off more than anything is my love affair with cheese… I’m addicted to brie, would sell my soul for a baked camembert and love nothing more than indulging in my favourite comfort food; cheddar on toast. So when I was offered the chance to review a range of Violife Vegan Cheese products, I was intrigued. If they were good maybe I could get my head around eating a slightly more vegan diet. Is there such a thing as vegan-ish!?

I admit I wasn’t completely open-minded as I approached this review. I mean how on earth could vegan cheese, not real cheese, ever come close? Being the world leaders in vegan cheese, Violife was a good place to start if I was going to be convinced. Based in the glorious surroundings of Thessalonica in Greece, they’ve been producing vegan food since the 90’s, so they’ve had long enough to get every product as good as it can possibly be, right? And since all their foods are free from dairy, lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and cholesterol; you’re guaranteed allergen-free eating.

I decided ahead of being sent the samples I’d check out some vegan recipes which I could use the cheeses in. Violife have a great section on their website packed with recipes (there’s even a BBQ section!) and made a shortlist of all the ones I fancied, and more importantly, the ones I thought the kids would eat.

Cheesy tacos, mediterranean burgers and pasta gratin were top of the list. But how would the products actually stack up against my usual dairy choices? Let me take you through the products one by one and tell you why I wasn’t in the slightest disappointed.

  • Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices/ Original flavour slices

A good old slice of smoked cheese is the snack of choice in our house and these alternatives did not disappoint. The kids knew no different and I’m not planning on telling them any time soon! The original flavours in a ham and cheese toastie went undetected and I’m informed they were delicious.

  • Epic Mature Cheddar Block

This one caused the most discussion over the dinner table in our house. The kids sussed out straight away that it wasn’t the ‘normal’ cheese in their cheese and marmite sandwich (a delicacy!) but they still ate it, which is a ringing endorsement in itself. The texture of this one wasn’t as good as with the sliced cheeses, but the taste was spot on. Would definitely buy this one again.

  • Original Flavour Grated

Whether it was sprinkled over our usual bolognaise or used in the Violife Moussaka recipe, this was a really great product. It’s just tangy enough and the texture is exactly like a regular dairy cheese.

  • Le Rond Camembert

Thought I’d save the best until last… and this one is indeed the best! So delicious and creamy but somehow with a crisper cleaner taste than a standard baked cheese. It almost tastes healthier if that makes sense? The fact that it cooks in the microwave in the time it takes to pour yourself a glass of wine is an added bonus!


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