What are My Child’s Options Post-GCSEs?

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There are a number of options children can explore when they finish school. They will have the option to continue in full-time education or complete an apprenticeship or T-Level where they are able to gain real life work experience alongside their studies. To work out which is the best option, they should think about their ambitions and explore all pathways available to them. In this post we share some guidance from a boarding college in Wales on a few post-GCSE options and what they entail.

BTECs and A Levels 

After completing their GCSEs, children can go to study A levels and BTECs. They provide a solid foundation, preparing children for the world of work and university should they wish. There is a plethora of subjects they can take from politics to hair and beauty. Students are recommended to study 4 A levels for the best chances of getting into university, or their BTEC equivalent.

What is The Difference Between the Two?

The difference between the two types of qualifications is that BTECs are more coursework heavy and involve fewer exams. They are a great alternative for those who struggle with exams and prefer practicals.

Apprenticeships and T-Levels

While the two are quite similar and aim to provide students real-world experience, they differ based on the length of the placement they are expected to complete. In an apprenticeship, 80% of time is spent on the job, and 20% in a classroom setting, whereas in a T Level work placements last at least 45 days. Work completed as a part of an apprenticeship is also paid and at no less than the national minimum wage rate of £5.28 per hour.

Of course, children are more than welcome to obtain work experience independently if they are taking a more traditional route and choosing to study full time. The choice your child makes ultimately comes down to the career they want to pursue. Apprenticeships and T-levels are good options for children if they know what they want to do as a profession, whereas studying a range of subjects can help keep options open if they are unsure.

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