What Will My Child Learn in Forest School

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If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a forest school is a type of school that encourages children to take control of their own learning. They focus on self-development and aim to help children build an awareness of the world around them. Outdoor learning is an integral part of this. Below are examples from a prep school in Surrey of the outdoor learning activities and lessons that they will explore.


Outdoor learning activities:

Jumping in puddles

Rolling around in leaves

Rain catching

Creating snow slides

Cracking mud in the sun

Rolling down mudslides

Creating mud pies

Looking for worms

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are just as necessary for children to develop as fine motor skills. They will need them to walk, run, climb and do just about any physical activity. Unlike traditional schools where children are bound by walls and health and safety regulations, they are able to roam free and run around. 

An Awareness of Nature 

As a society we’re becoming more detached from nature and it’s a shame as it has profound benefits for mental health. It’s truly bewildering and there’s so much to be learned. It gives children the opportunity to create their own connection with nature, understanding its importance and how it works. Fostering this relationship from an early age can help them in becoming environmentally conscious young people when they’re older and the necessary lessons for protecting and preserving it.

Problem Solving Skills

As they make their own discoveries, they will likely face problems too that they will need to solve for themselves. This practice can help them become independent and better problem solvers.

Team Working Skills

As well as working on their own, they will be encouraged to work with other children and work in teams which will help them in developing their communication skills and making friends.

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