What will your child learn at nursery?

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As a parent, when it comes to sending your child to any educational establishment, you always want to look at what will be covered and taught there. This applies to children as young as the age of three, when they begin their academic journey at nursery.

Nurseries provide the basic care, attention and learning needed to create a solid foundation for learning. Chances are, your child will be in some form of early years setting, where majority of learning will be done through play. Teachers and practitioners are trained to follow the early years foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum, as it covers everything that needs to be taught. Here is some advice from this nursery in London on what your child will learn at nursery.

Communication and language

Learning how to communicate with friends and family, as well as those around them, is a big step in a child’s development. At nursery, your child will learn to listen, respond and work on their attention skills. They do this in the form of conversations, rhymes, songs and listening exercises. By the time your child leaves nursery, the aim is to have a child that has developed confidence as well as the correct skills to express themselves.

Physical development

Physical development is important in order for your child to have a healthy lifestyle. This area of learning is all about being active and making healthy choices when it comes to diet. At nursery, your child will be guided to complete activities that help develop their fine and gross motor skills. This will encourage independence and help them to complete regular tasks such as using a pencil.

Personal development

Physical and mental wellbeing of children is at the core of operations at nursery. This area of learning encourages children to gain long-term skills such as self-confidence and managing emotions in a healthy way. This is what will help them stay positive and make great friendships throughout their life.

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