Why is reading so important for children?

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Reading is known to be one of the key ingredients for the recipe to success in life. It allows individuals to be transported into different worlds, simply through the pages of a book. Through this, it creates the understanding of feelings, cultures and different experiences.

This is especially important for young children. Reading helps children reach their learning potential. Through the development of speech, vocabulary, emotions, knowledge and skills, reading proves to be one of the key factors that aids development in a child. Here is some advice from this independent school in Richmond on why reading is so important for children.

Developing empathy

One of the greatest benefits of reading for children is that it allows them to develop empathy. When we read books, we put ourselves in the shoes of the characters. This allows us to experience how they are feeling and helps us identify new emotions. This is especially great for young children. Through this understanding, they will begin to empathise with people in the real world. Additionally, it can help them identify and come to terms with their own emotions as well. This can help dramatically when it comes to their social development.  

Improved literary skills

There are more reasons than one as to why teachers are constantly assigning assisted reading as homework to their students. Simply sitting with a child and reading out loud to them can give them the skills they need for when they begin to read themselves. This works even if they do not understand what is being said. Reading to children from day one can help them with language acquisition and brain development.


There are millions of books out there, one for every interest. Given that books rely on the imagination of children, it can lead to greater creativity as they will use the ideas in their head sourced from books, to influence their work.

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