How to become a ‘work from home’ Mum

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how to become a work from home mum book

Lots of us have used the past crazy 18 months of lockdowns and homeschooling to re-evaluate our work/life balance. It’s led many women to consider the idea of being a work from home Mum, on a permanent basis.

It’s all well and good musing the idea. Picturing long lunches and perfectly dressed children being dropped off at school by you, stress-free. But how might it work in practice? What are the pros and cons? By now you might have had conversations with your employer and have worked out whether they think it’s feasible. If you weren’t working pre-pandemic, perhaps things have changed financially and you now need an income, but don’t want to join the 9-5 rat race. If you’re pondering your options and finding the whole thing overwhelming, then I might have come across the perfect book for you.

How to become a work from home Mum: Finding fulfilling work that fits around your family, by Josie Cornhill is a great starting point for anybody wondering whether they could succeed (and not go totally crazy) being a work from home Mum.

The book is set out in lovely easy-to-digest sections and includes some great case studies of women who have made the transition into working from home. Cornhill’s style is friendly and warm and you get the feeling of chatting through your options with a trusted friend. She openly discusses both the pro’s and the con’s of home-working and endeavours to help you decide whether it’s actually the right path for you.

Then, when you’ve made your choice, comes the great bit! Cornhill has tirelessly researched the plethora of different work from home opportunities that are out there. If you’re doubting there’s anything that will work for you; you will be proved wrong! The author’s background as a careers advisor is evident here, the advice is detailed, robust and easy to follow. Importantly, not all the featured careers are centred around self-employment either. I know some people feel very nervous about the world of self-employment after the past year and the financial implications that have come with it. There is information on a huge range of jobs to suit all skill-sets. There’ll be some you’ve heard of before and others which may be completely left-field, suprising and inspiring.

Reading this book, which is available on Amazon as a download or a paperback, will take the leg-work out of finding your new venture. It’s perfect for those of us who just don’t have time to do much of our own research. After reading this you’ll feel like you have endless options to earn some money and still be based at home and on hand for your kids!

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